Best Sellers

Deep Apex 9" Wall Coping

standard apex coping stone

The standard blue coping stone for topping garden walls. 175mm x 350mm.
5 stones/m.

£7.50/stone (inc)

Standard Apex 9"
Wall Coping

wide apex coping stone

A wider blue coping stone for topping garden walls. 300mm x 300mm.
3.1 stones/m.

£9.50/stone (inc)


About Us

Our Business

Lutterworth Coping Stones specialise in the manufacture of coping stones for domestic and commercial use, supplying both the trade and individual customers.

We have been creating coping stones and other pre-cast concrete products for over 10 years, and have refined our techniques over that time to ensure our pre-cast products are of excellent quality.

Based within Leicestershire, we supply builders and developers in the surrounding counties, and a growing number of individual customers.


We manufacture and maintain stock for a wide range of the more common coping stones, and can create bespoke coping stones, if an original is provided.

We manufacture in the wet cast method. All stones can be provided in either engineering brick blue or brick red colours.

Opening Times

Mon - Fri: 9.00am - 5.00pm

On-Site Manufacture

blue coping stone for pillar

All our coping stones are made on-site, and can be manufactured in blue or red.

Bespoke Coping Stones

blue coping stone for pillar

If you have an original stone we can usually create additional bespoke stones to order.